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Where serious creative writers gather to finish their novels.

Ready to Finish Your Novel?

Writing a novel can sometimes feel like a daunting, lonely undertaking. 

How will you ever find the time to get your novel done? 

What can you do about those private doubts that get in your way?

And how will you figure out everything you don't (yet) know about writing a novel?

If you'd love some guidance and companionship on your novel-writing journey, the Gutsy Great Novelist Writers Studio is for you. 

 These are some of our members – close to 1,000 novelists to-date!  

Together, let's tackle the three key components you need to attend to in order to get your novel done!

Key Component #1

Respect Who You Are

All writers are not created equal, so come on in to our free, private online studio and discover how to honor your singular personality, befriend your self-doubts, and respect what’s true for you.

Key Component #2

Invest in What You Need

Generate time to write. Safeguard your writing space. Hone your craft. And come on into the studio to enjoy some seriously good content curated just for you.

Key Component #3

Get Your Writing Done

Need a dose of courage? A reminder that you’re not alone? Here, you’ll find meaningful conversations and like-minded friends to cheer you on. Find writers who live nearby. Exchange feedback. Share challenges. Celebrate wins. And write.

Let's unapologetically create and sustain our unique writing lives so we can finish our novels in a way that makes us proud!

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Hi, I'm Joan Dempsey.

I am the author of the award-winning novel This Is How It Begins, and Poets & Writers Magazine called me one of "5 more writers over 50" to watch. I'm also an experienced writing teacher and the host of the Gutsy Great Novelist Writing Retreats in Maine—I love helping gutsy creative writers finish their novels! Come on in to our private online writing studio—it's free.

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